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Tiles make a highly-functional and cost-effective yet elegant decorative element in your house. They are most commonly used in bathrooms floors and walls, in the kitchen countertops and as backsplashes, and as floor materials in the living room and even in the garage. They are easy to clean especially when they are newly installed but they have been used for quite a long time, they accumulate a substantial deposit of dirt and stain that become of your most difficult cleaning challenges. Normal cleaning won’t eliminate this stubborn dirt and stain especially stuck in the tile grout. It is advisable to have the tiles in your house regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning company to bring them back to their original elegant new look and let them last for many years.         



If you are located in Houston and surrounding areas, Carpet Cleaning Houston USA is the professional cleaning company you can call. We are experts in the cleaning of tiles and grout, among other areas of your house that need cleaning. We have three decades of experience cleaning tiles and grout, carpets, upholstery, drapery, rugs, and commercial carpets. We are proud to have served 250,000 satisfied customers in Houston and 22 surrounding areas. With our track record of excellent quality workmanship and the unique customer experience we provide our clients, we have become Houston’s most preferred provider of house cleaning services.       

Like all of our previous customers, you can expect the same consistent quality service from our friendly and highly reliable cleaning personnel. Our certified, licensed and insured staff is not only highly experienced but trained on the latest cleaning methods and uses the most advanced technology in the industry.




We determine the materials your tiles are made of to be able to use the right chemical and process parameter settings to use. They are critical considerations in tile and grout cleaning to ensure your tiles do not get damaged or etched in any way. We use heat in combination with a special cleaning solution applicable to the tiles and grout, and a powerful vacuum. Together, they suck the dirt and contaminants that have been stuck and settled for a long time. A high-pressure rinse that blasts away the loosened dirt completes the cleaning process.


To prevent mildew and new stain from developing in the tiles’ grout in the future, we apply a protective penetrating sealer to the grout. This sealer will ensure mildew and stain-free tiles and grout for you for two years. 

When you choose us your partners in the regular cleaning of your house’s tiles and grout, you can look forward to enjoying the brand new look and condition of your tiles and grout for many years. You will find our cleaning service reasonable and among the most price competitive.  

If you need professional tile and grout cleaning Houston service you can rely on, call us now for a free consultation and quote.


Tile and Grout Cleaning (floors only)          $0.65 per square foot
Tile and Grout Clean & Seal (floors only)    $1.00 per square foot

$68 minimum charge. Tile cleaning is priced by the square foot. Tile size may affect the price, as well as pre-existing conditions such as damage. Due to the number of variables, other surfaces such as showers and countertops can only be quoted on-site. This also applies to other materials such as stone.

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