Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is very challenging work. It is tedious to clean and maintain the beauty of your house’s carpets, let alone the carpets in your office building. Nothing less than professional expertise is required for the meticulous activity of commercial carpet cleaning. 


We are commercial carpet cleaning professionals. We bring 25 years of experience and the expertise, manpower, and flexibility necessary to accommodate the diverse needs of both small and large commercial enterprises. From a small company that started doing carpet cleaning for residential houses in Houston, we have grown in experience and also specialized in bigger projects that involve the carpet cleaning of entire buildings and commercial properties.

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When you assign your commercial carpet cleaning to us, you can focus on your core business and leave the cleaning responsibility to us. We have a track record of successful cleaning projects of different complexity with hundreds of commercial clients with businesses in Houston and 22 surrounding areas. Like with our residential customers, we are consistently preferred by our commercial customers for their cleaning and maintenance requirements.  


Our carpet cleaning uses our proprietary 5-Step Cleaning Process similar to that described in our residential carpet cleaning service but on a larger scale.


Our cleaning staff makes a walkthrough to inspect and check the condition of your carpet and carpeted area. The heavily stained areas and spots are noted where extra attention and treatment are necessary. The carpet is then subjected to vacuum cleaning so dirt and contaminants that the strong suction force of the equipment is capable of removing may be eliminated through this step. The seriously stained spots and areas in the carpet are treated with specialized cleaning solutions to break the stubborn dirt and contaminants adhering to the carpet fibers and the carpet backing. 


Steam cleaning employing truck-mounted equipment is generally used, except for high-rise buildings and difficult to access areas, where a portable steam cleaning equipment will be used instead. Carpet grooming using professional carpet rake is the final step. From our first year, our carpet cleaning methods have been effectively used to bring your commercial carpets back to their newly installed conditions and glow.

Other commercial services we provide include tile and grout cleaning, leather and fabric upholstery cleaning, carpet repairs, and fabric protection.

Make us your service providers for all your commercial cleaning needs. 


$.15 to $.20 per sq. ft. in most cases depending upon the type of carpet, soil conditions, and furnishings. Access to parking, water, and other time-consuming difficulties may result in an additional surcharge. Please call to schedule a free onsite estimate.

Experience for yourself why we have over 250,000 satisfied customers.