Carpet Cleaning

You find comfort and luxury when you step on the carpet. You get the feeling of being special and warmly welcomed especially when the carpet is well maintained. Walking on a spotless and nicely groomed carpeted floor is always a simple joy to experience. On the other hand, a dirty and messy carpet floor is an eyesore that attracts the attention of visitors. Moreover, they may alarm meticulous guests about the possible presence of underlying germs and allergens on them. 

Carpet cleaning is not something that will let ordinary homeowners find pleasure in doing. It is tedious and challenging. 

Get a professional carpet cleaning company do the work for you. Being experienced in this job, a carpet cleaning expert has the right solution to your carpet’s cleanliness issues.  


With Carpet Cleaning Houston USA, you get the professional service of carpet cleaning experts. Based in Houston TX, we have been in the carpet cleaning business since we stated in 1987. Three decades since then, we continue to serve the residents and business owners of Houston but have added 22 suburban areas in the list of the areas we currently do business in. Our main business remains to be carpet cleaning service, our expertise and core competency. We do cleaning service as well for upholstery, rugs, tiles and grout and drapery, and stain treatment and pet odor elimination.  

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Our cleaning personnel are among the most qualified in the business with decades of industry experience. They are certified, licensed and insured. Aside from being experts, they are friendly and highly reliable, the trademark of all our cleaning personnel. The unique customer experience we provide, together with our company’s strong reputation and a track record of quality workmanship makes us the service provider of choice of discriminating residential and commercial clients in Houston and surrounding cities and counties.  



We follow a 5-Step Carpet Cleaning Process that ensures your carpet is thoroughly cleaned. Upon assigning us for your carpet cleaning, we do a walkthrough of your carpeted place to inspect and identify the specific spots that need special treatment. These are seriously stained portions where we need to pay extra attention to in the course of the cleaning activities. After the pieces of furniture have been moved out of the carpet area to be cleaned, a strong power vacuum is applied to suck all the dirt on and at the underlying surface of the carpet. A green or environment-friendly cleaning solution is applied especially to heavily stained points on the carpet. Steam cleaning, widely acknowledged as the best cleaning method for carpets, is done next. It involves both hot water and chemicals, to extract dirt, allergens and other contaminants deep inside the carpet from the fabrics down to the carpet backing. Grooming is the final step in the process. It involves using a professional carpet rake to raise the carpet pile, much similar to brushing your hair with tender strokes.   

For the most efficient and effective cleaning of your precious carpets at the most cost-effective price, trust only our carpet cleaning Houston experts. Call us now and we'll provide free consultancy and quote.     

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